About PTA Sign

sign wcs


The Windham PTA donated the sign located on the property of Center School.

By proper request and approval, various Windham groups, i.e. basketball, baseball, soccer, PTA, Windham Public Schools, may utilize this sign to communicate messages to the public.

All sign messages require the approval and authorization of the Windham PTA President.

A minimum of one (1) week’s notice is required prior to posting.

Messages must be limited to two (2) lines, each line no greater than 19 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

School-affiliated messages hold priority; assuming there is no conflict with school-affiliated messages, town-sponsored messages may then be posted followed by all other groups’ requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

Every reasonable effort will be made to post messages for the time period requested.

In order to consider your request for a message posting on Windham PTA’s sign located in front of Windham Center School, please email your request to president@windhamPTA.org