Mission Statement

The Windham PTA is a non-profit volunteer organization whose mission is to enhance and support the educational environment of the students, school staff and families of Windham. This is accomplished through the following endeavors:

 Community Outreach

The Windham PTA hosts and coordinates social events in order to strengthen the relationship between the students, the schools and the Windham community.

 Teacher Involvement

The Windham PTA strives to maintain a mutually supportive relationship with school staff.

 Educational Programs

The Windham PTA provides curriculum enhancement within the school environment as well as hosting educational seminars and events for the Windham community.

 Civic Cooperation

The Windham PTA fosters involvement with other community organizations in order to maintain a more cohesive and united approach to the educational environment in Windham.

 Volunteer Programs

The Windham PTA volunteer programs at each school establish a significant volunteer base from which school staff can draw support as needed.