Windham Preschool Program

The Windham Preschool Program is committed to providing high quality, developmentally appropriate programming to children between the ages of three and five who have been identified with an Educational Disability within the town of Windham. The Team employs a trans-disciplinary approach, with all classroom staff personnel utilizing techniques to enhance growth and foster progress in all of the developmental domains. The team believes in forming strong relationships with families and in working closely with them to address the needs of their child/children. The staff of the Windham Preschool Program believes in implementing each child’s program, based on their IEP (Individual Education Plan), within the context of a typical preschool curriculum, where competence and independence are encouraged.

Golden Brook School

Golden Brook SchoolGolden Brook Elementary School volunteers are committed individuals who bring valuable resources into the school by providing additional assistance to the children, by enriching school programs and serving as an helping hands for the school staff in a variety of areas.


Windham Center School

Windham Center SchoolWindham Center School has an active volunteer program with opportunities ranging from helping for an hour or two with a special event, to baking occasionally, to coming into school for a weekly or monthly position. The program coordinators will use the information you provide to match you with a volunteer position based on requests received from the WCS staff. Come join our award-winning group of PTA volunteers at Center School! This is a great way to learn about our schools and meet new friends. We hope to see you there!


Windham Middle School

Windham Middle School Windham Middle School has a large volunteer program.  The Windham PTA assists with book fairs, school dances, academic recognition night and much, much more!

Windham High School